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Alone Along the Mystic River
by J. A. Louthain
Illustrated by Andrea Eberbach

ISBN 0-9679416-0-1

Retail Price: $13.95
Sale Price: $9.00

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"Another new water's-edge middle-reader with a Mystic connection is Jan Louthain's Tagger: Alone Along the Mystic River (Alexie Books, $14.95)...Tagger watches as her "fish danced back and forth across the wood planks, flopping with loud 'thunks,' and then bending itself double. It scared her when it snapped its toothy mouth in her direction, apparently trying to bite at her. She mustn't get too close." In addition to sharp bits of description like this (not to mention the free folk-song CD that's bound inside every copy), the lure here is the rarely-written-about revelation that girls can be at least as resourceful and self-reliant as boys. Young readers won't get easy rewards, but many excellent lessons, since Tagger is a book about bravery and making do."--Peter Mandel, Providence Journal

"Superbly written by J.A. Louthain and illustrated by Andrea Eberbach, Tagger: Alone Along The Mystic River is an historical novel for young adults which is set in Connecticut in the early 1800s...Well researched, historically accurate, and with a strong message of independence and self-reliance, Tagger: Alone Along The Mystic River is engaging, rewarding, and highly recommended for young readers and enhanced with a charming, original music CD that comes packaged with the trade paperback book."--James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review


Author J. A. Louthain is from the land-locked Midwest, but fell in love with the beautiful seaport village of Mystic Connecticut while on a business trip. It made the perfect setting for the enhancement of a children's bedtime story her father had told her as a child. Tagger: Alone Along the Mystic is such an accurate history of Mystic, Connecticut that local schools have made it required reading.  Nominated for both the Young Hoosier Book Award and Connecticut's Nutmeg Award, Tagger is the culmination of Louthain's life-long philosophy that if you work hard enough for them, you can make your dreams come true.

Not only is Tagger beloved by both adults and children, but  it subtly teaches many life lessons that inspire and motivate the reader.

We are proud to say that Tagger was selected for the Booksense 76 Recommended List by the Amercian Booksellers Association in 2002.

Target reading level: Ages 9-12, Paperback, 218 pages, Dimensions (in inches): 8.5 x 5.5 x .5, cover illustrations and 4 interior illustrations by artist Andrea Eberbach.

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