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Getting the Most Out of Your Golden Years
David Wayne Silva

ISBN 1-59800-163-9

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"David Wayne Silva...has 'been there, done that' and now shares his experience with chronic health issues, deterioration of the body, isolation and loneliness after loss of a loved one or friends, and even issues like sleeping and mainitaing relationships...Reading Sivlas' book had me sit back and get in touch with my own decisions of how I wanted to live my remaining years...Silva's book confirmed in my mind that I'm the one that has to choose whether or not I want to live the Golden Years with grace and dignity, or, with complaints and isolation...Although Silva targets the senior citiizens and Baby Boomers wiith this book, I highly recommend 'Senior Moments' to children and families fo both. Silva gives a clear and consise understanding of seniors--many things we don't know about unless we experience them ourselves."

--Irene Watson, Reader Views, 5/06

"Senior Moments is a well-written, well-edited, and poetically inspirational collection of thoughts and experiences. David's lyrical prose style makes one stop and reread a verse or two for the pleasure and feel of it...David Silva urges the reader to 'look at the process of aging with humor and good intentions...'

--K. Trout, Kaye Trout Book Reviews
This book speaks not only to senior citizens but to the 77 million Baby Boomers who are entering the Golden Years of their lives. The author David Wayne Silva gives them a glimpse into the reality they will encounter.

Silva has been a teacher, school administrator, and Family and Grief Counselor. Now retired, he writes for a local paper and has completed several other books.

According to Silva, the aging process brings both happiness and sadness. As they age, seniors must choose the path they want to follow; it's up to them to make these years the best.

With this book, Senior Moments, Silva helps senior men and women deal with the physical and mental problems that accompany aging. He believes there are positive ways to deal with the common problems of chronic illness, depression, pain, and family strife. He shows that seniors can stll grow both physically and spiritually by revitalizing their beliefs, their self images, their attitude toward others, and their love for life.
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