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The House of Alexie

when all around you are losing theirs
Carl DiLorenzo

ISBN: 978-0-9723829-3-9
Retail Price:  $10.00

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"How to Keep Your Faith" is a powerful statement of faith and hope for all Catholics, indeed, for all Christians. But it is more than a testimonial. This is the story of a young Italian-American boy growing up in New York City in the 1940s and 1950s in the bosom of an extended Italian faily who loved food, made their own wine in their Brooklyn tenement, and danced and sang on Catholic feast days as they passed their faith from generation to generation.

This is a coming-of-age story, about a young man who learns awkwardly and hilariously about sex and love, work and faith, and the pain of losing loved ones before their time.

This is also the story of a man growing in faith, even as he questions his church's hierarchy and its decisions. Ultimately it is proof that a man of faith can also be a man of reflection and curiosity.


"How to Keep Your Faith" is Carl DiLorenzo's wonderful story of growing up in the Church, coming to terms with loss, finding his way in the world, raising a family, and doing it all as a thinking, feeeling, pasionate Catholic. I have known Carl for many years and I was perhaps the first to hear many of these stories. Now he is sharing them with the world and I think they will be a blessing for all who will take the time to read this funny and poignant little book.

Monsignor Ed Straub

Carl Di Lorenzo offers the reader a generous and personal account of a fellow believer's embrace for faith, family, food and friends. I found myself laughing, my heart warmed by his reminiscences - Read this book it's good for your soul.

Father Joseph Cavuto

We have read your book with great interest. It is very well structured and easy to read. Your faith in God, which is the main theme of your book, helped you throughout your life. I found it very interesting to read about your family. In a way, we too were given a very moral upbringing. As a French Canadian family we had strong bonds. We were very close to our grandmother and mother who became widows at an early age. Our family was a matriarchy just like the elephant family. Our children remember their grandmother as being a very cold person accepting life very philosophically. She had that 'joie de vivre' nobody else had at that time. Although you do not always agree with the Catholic Church decisions, you always forgive and I wish that I could do the same. Hoping that your faith will be an example to your grandchildren and your book will certainly be a great inspiration throughout their lives.

Louise Perrin

Just finished reading your book I loved it. I love your Grandmother she reminded me of my grandmother Santa 4 ft 10 inches from Sicily. The story was funny and very sincere and at times it brought tears to my eyes I sometimes wonder how we did it. God truly must love us.

Frank Pennisi


I had to write and let you know what I think about your book. It's Saturday morning and it's 1 am. I haven't been to bed because I am still reading your book. Right now in my life I am troubled due to my husband's illness. For the past week I have been praying "Let Go and Let God." Now I come to the place in your book "I believe in prayer." It's like He is answering me through you. I can't believe this. You have no idea how reading this has brought me comfort. I hope to finish it tomorrow. I just had to tell you this, since it is fresh in my mind.

Dorothy Koyles
Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother

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