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Banana Republic:
A Year in the Heart of
Myrtle Beach
Will Moredock

ISBN: 0-9723829-0-9
Sales Price: $24.95

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"What a clever writer is Will Moredock.

"There you are, pleasantly reading about nude dancers, drugs, tattoo artists, body piercing, poker machine casinos and the high life. Then you realize that for some 100 pages or so you've been reading about urban planning and zoning. You've been seduced."
-- The State Port Pilot,
Southport, N.C.

"Moredock is both a skillful writer and a thorough reporter, and he supports his grimy portrait of the 'Redneck Riviera' with facts that chill the blood....His is not an unbiased portrayal, and I'm sure he will be bitterly condemned by those who still love Myrtle Beach, but his evidence will be hard to dismiss."

-- The Island Packet
Hilton Head Island, S.C.

"I couldn't put this book down. Moredock held my attention even while giving out statistics....His research and excellent prose make for a great read, and he pulls things together in a way most of us will find illuminating. He has raised important issues that need to be faced head-on by Myrtle Beach."
-- GS Magazine
Myrtle Beach, SC

"Moredock puts his spin on every event, along with some historical perspective...What he came up with was an interesting, readable book that follows the bouncing ball from one controversy to another.

"I enjoyed the book and his observations and I agree with many of them."
-- The Sunnews
Myrtle Beach, SC

"Moredock's book, Banana Republic: A Year in the Heart of Myrtle Beach...offers a scathing indictment of what he views as the runaway pace of development and what it costs a majority of residents."
-- The Charleston Post and Courier

"...Mr. Moredock appears to be channeling the spirit of H.L. Mencken.
-- The Wilmington Star News

"...Moredock is nothing if not entertaining. He is also a thorough researcher and a sentimentalist, all of which come together to make his book, Banana Republic: A Year in the Heart of Myrtle Beach, a complex yet touching memoir."
-- Charleston City Paper
If you live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, plan to move to Myrtle Beach, or are one of the millions of tourists who visit Myrtle Beach each year, this book is a "must read." Not only has author Will Moredock researched the history of the entire area, he's provided an astute study of the socio-economic factors that make Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand such as intriguing place to live or visit.

With a keen insight, he describes how the unbridled development of the beaches and golf courses has bumped up against the conservative fundamentalism of the old Myrtle Beach and the State of South Carolina in general.

With the current migration of retired Baby Boomers to this temperate climate and genteel but tumultuous living, this book takes on particular importance. Will Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand,called by some the Redneck Riviera, adapt to the large influx of middle to old-age Americans from the north?

Hardbound, 387 pages, published 2003.

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