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The End Of Forever: The Story Of Mekinges And William Conner by Denise Page Caraher is a novel for young adults, based upon a libretto written by the author, which in turn draws upon history, thought with some fictionalized characters and accounts. Set in the early nineteenth century, The End Of Forever is the story of a marriage between Indian scout William Conner and Mekinges, the daughter of a Lenape Delaware chief. They pledged to love each other forever; but Conner broke his promise when the encroaching press of settlers drove the Indians from their homeland. A profound story of love, greed, and the expansion of the American frontier. An epilogue adds the conclusion of history to this involving yet tragic tale.
James A. Cox
 Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review

"The End of Forever is quite simply a superb book that, once started, I could not put down. Denise Caraher has captured the essence of a true love story and its sad ending, while maintaining historical integrity and sensitivity for the Lenni Lenape and their culture. It is refreshing when a writer is faithful to the truth of what was a very sad chapter in our nation's history, and I commend the author for her objectivity and passion."

Timothy Noble,
Mahkwa Neehinita (Singing Bear)
Eagle Clan of the Meshingamesia Band of Miami of Indiana
Distinguished Professor of Music in Voice at Indiana University

"The novel, The End of Forever, is a wonderful resource for teaching about life on America's frontier, focusing on the cultural clashes which ripped apart the marriage of William Conner and his Indian wife, Mekinges. The book is accurate, appealing, and relevant to any study of Native American culture or the American West."
Margaret Germain
International School of Indiana
Former Illinois Teacher of the Year

"This informative and absorbing tale gives readers a fascinating glimpse into the customs of the Delaware Indians, their reverence of the earth and their interactions with the newly arrived white man. Denise Page Caraher provides accurate historical context in this fictionalized work while illustrating how human nature and transient human emotions span all times and cultures. A must read for anyone interested in history, Native American spirituality, or Indiana. Early adolescent through adult readers will enjoy this finely written novel."z
Dr. Concetta Raimondi
Superintendent of Hamilton Southeastern Schools
Fishers, Indian

The End of Forever
Story of Mekinges and William Conner

Denise Page Caraher
Illustrated by Sue Ellen Braunlin

ISBN: 1-57860-128-2

Retail Price: $14.00
Sale Price: $9.00


Mekinges was a young maiden of the Lenni Lenape tribe that lived in Central Indiana in the early 19th century when the number of white settlers began to steadily increase. During this time, the spirituality and sensitivity of the Native American way of life contrasted sharply with the settlers' concept of ownership and control.

William Conner, an ambitious and affable trader, set his eyes on Mekinges. Now she must decide if she is willing to become his "forever mate". Much is at stake in her decision, perhaps the future of her tribe. Fascinating individuals from two separate worlds make personal and political choices in the face of familial and cultural conflict. Based on a true story, this historical drama resounds with tranquility and turmoil, greed and guilt, love and betrayal.

A beautifully written novel, The End of Forever is actually based on a children's opera that was written first by the author, Denise Page Caraher. She has written the librettos for several other children's operas and is married to James Caraher, conductor of the Indianapolis Opera. She is also an attorney who specializes in mediation.

Target reading level: Grade 7, Ages 11 and up, Paperback, 145 pages, Dimensions (in inches): 9 x 6 x .75, cover and interior illustrations by artist Sue Ellen Braunlin.

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