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Starting Your First Business
Gain Independence and Love Your Work
Jim R. Sapp

 ISBN: 097487810-3 

Retail Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $9.00

"Here's a business start-up book that truly "tells it like it is." Even though it's part of the American Dream Series, author Jim Sapp  "gets real" right away, urging new business starter-uppers to do some heavy soul searching and personality assessment...a good way to sum up this excellent business how-to book: It's "on the money."

James Barnes, Editor

"Billed as a combination of "how-to" and inspiration, Jim Sapp's "Starting Your First Business" doesn't disappoint on either end. He lays out the basic foundation of starting a business, yet sprinkles in his real-world experiences and life lessons judiciously. This keeps the reader's interest."

Rick Wilkerson
InBusiness Magazine

"Sapp's book is a veritable Swiss Army Knife for business start-ups. He has put together a collection of exercises, self-exams and step-by step tutorials for the preparation and establishment of new enterprises.  Moreover, Sapp smartly suggests a number of government and private agencies that advise and support infant commerical endeavors...Sapp's book is an excellent primer for prospective entrepreneurs."

Miami Herald

"Knowledgeably written by Jim R. Sapp, Starting Your First a straightforward, clearly presented, and no-nonsense primer...recommended to the non-specialist general reader determined to become the skilled owner of a profitable business."

Midwest Book Review

"Jim budding entrepreneurs solid advice on developing their skills."

Andrea Wood Cranford, Editor
Nebraska Magazine

"Solid topical organization is a hallmark of his book, as is the breadth of subjects, some of which an eager but naive entrepreneur could overlook..."

Sacramento Business Journal

"Sapp's Starting Your First Business stands out among the shelf of small-business entrepreneurial self-help works for its substantive content and experienced advice...Sapp does this in a succinct, reader-friendly style.

[The book] is especially helpful in the area of working with others, whether these be lending institutions, employees, partners, customers, or suppliers."

Henry Berry, Book Reviewer
The Small Press Book Review

"Your mixture of real-life case studies, resources, and step-by-step actions decreases the learning curve of the potential business owner and increases the likelihood of success. It's a great read!"

Lori Geishecker

"Jim Sapp has included so much valuable information in this book that it's the equivalent to getting the knowledge from several college courses for only a fraction of the cost!"

Sharon Mills
Author of Reflections of Adoption

"Starting your First Business provides valuable insights from a seasoned and accomplished entrepreneur. I recommend it for anyone thinking about starting a new business."

Craig Hanson, Senior Associate
Sustanable Enterprises Institute
World Resources Institute

"Finally, an honest blueprint for starting your own business!"

Mike Barker
Business Accountant


A "must read" book if you want to combine your talents and resources into a businss. Sapp covers it all, from doing the groundwork before you start to obtaining financing and managing your cash.

According to Fortune magazine, as many as 6 million people will start a business this year and a recent study quoted in the Wall Street Journal shows that 60% of Americans surveyed dreamed of starting their own business.

This book combines real world, how-to advice with realistic case scenarios to help readers visualize the implications of each action. It also includes comprehensive coverage of key issues such as business planning, financing, and marketing.

Sapp, winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year award and the Blue Chip Enterprise citation, is a national business consultant, highly respected speaker and founder and Director of the American Small Business Institute. The institute is a non-profit organization devoted to nurturing small businesses through education and referrals to lending and leasing institutions.

According to Sapp, this start-up book is "targeted to the largest segment of the business book market--the 'Dreamers'".
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