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Stock Market Pie

Stock Market Pie
Grandma Helps Emily Make a Million

J. M. Seymour
Illustrated by Marcos Ramirez

ISBN: 0-9712900-0-8
Retail Price: $18.00
Sale Price: $17.00


Using the analogy of a pie, author J. M. Seymour (a professional investor as well as an author) skillfully teaches both the young and old reader alike how to understand the basics of investing: what a stock is, who invests, how the Stock Market works, how Wall Street works, how to buy and sell stocks, etc.   While Stock Market Pie is investing made simple for the main character Emily who is 10 years old, Seymour also includes numerous sidebars and a glossary chock full of investment terms that are helpful to any age.  

The high quality, comic-like illustrations help make the book easy to read and were created by Marcos Ramirez, also a professional boxer.


"One of the keys to investment success is beginning at an early age.  J. M. Seymour has been able to make the introduction to investing enjoyable and informative at the same time.  Stock Marker an ideal gift from grandparents or parents so they may embark on a lifetime of investing."

Kenneth S. Janke
President and CEO 

National Association of Investors Corporation

What a great investment for grandparents, parents, teachers and brokers looking to help young people understand the stock marekt and start their own investment programs.  Stock Market Pie...can help any beginning investor get started.   It's easy to understand, fun to read....a delightfully palatable lesson."

Louis M. Thompson Jr.
President and CEO

National Investor Relations Institute
and Board Member
National Council for Economic Education





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