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The House of Alexie

The Story of the First Flute:
Based on An Ancient Cherokee Legend

ISBN:  978-0-9723829-6-0
Hawk Hurst
Illustrated by Lindly Sharp 

Retail Price:  $10.00
Sale Price: $11.00


Based on a Cherokee legend, this is the fanciful, yet poignant Native American story of a boy who finds himself in trouble, time and time again. No matter what he tries to do, life somehow ends up going dreadfully awry. Finally, disheartened, and unable to find his true gift or purpose in life, he seeks refuge in the forest. The charming creatures living in the forest take notice of his plight, offering him a unique and special gift (the first flute), a gift that enables him to understand, and become, who he truly is.


"Hawk Hurst's well-written, delightful, and gentle epic take reaches into the heart of all, reminding up that the hero's hourney is one well worth taking."

Robert Johnson
Jungian analyst, storyteller and author

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