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Author and Illustrator of:
Tagger: Alone Along the Mystic River

 Ame the Elephant: Terrorized by Evil Mice

About the Author
About the Illustrator
J. A. Louthain began her writing career as a magazine article writer while she lived in Washington, D.C., and worked full-time for the Federal Government. With the passage of a federal law (now repealed) which prohibited all federal employees from giving speeches or writing magazine articles for pay, she switched to writing children's books. Her first book, Tagger, Alone Along the Mystic River, an historical fiction, published in Jan 2002, was selected for the Fall 2002 Children's Booksense 76 and has become required reading in many schools because of its historical accuracy.

Now retired from the Department of Defense, Louthain has written her second children's novel, Ame the Elephant, Terrorized by Evil Mice. She wrote Ame the Elephant immediately following the September 11 attack on America, because she was concerned that children were so confused about the complexities of a war with terrorists. Ame the Elephant is a non-violent allegory that uses animals to represent the individuals and countries involved in the terrorist attacks.

Louthain also produces an online newsletter called BOOMER-ING. BOOMER-ING addresses issues that the Post World War II Baby Boom generation is beginning to face as they move toward their senior years.

Louthain received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Indiana University and took graduate courses at the University of Southern California Public Affairs Branch, Georgetown University and George Washington University in Washington, DC.

In addition to writing and publishing, she's an avid reader and golfer and lives on a quiet pond in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, with her husband Ron and her evil parrot Willy.

Nationally known free-lance illustrator and fine artist Andrea Eberbach, originally from Long Island, New York, began her artistic career in the 5th grade. The teacher asked the class to draw a rabbit and when Eberbach saw hers, she just knew intuitively it was good and that she would be an artist someday. Now a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana, Eberbach has dozens of awards, exhibits and publications to her credit and even recognized her own artwork on a recent Frasier television show which displayed a poster she had designed for a Seattle theater.

Her impressive credentials include: publication in such magazines as the Atlantic Monthly, Business Week, Dell Magazine, European Travel, Modern Bride, National Marketing, New England Living, Parents, and USAir; illustrations for books published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Houghton Mifflin, Little Brown, McMillan, Scribner and Simon and Schuster; commercial artwork for major corporations such as AT&T, Clarion, Coca-Cola, CompuServe, GE, Hanes, Hewlett Packard, HBO, Sara Lee, Sears, Weight Watchers, and Westin Hotels; and not-for-profit projects for the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the New York Botanical Garden, and UNICEF.

In addition to her volunteer work with Riley Hospital of Indianapolis, Children First and several other fund raisers, Eberbach is a competitive cyclist and has competed in events such as the US Cycling Federation Masters Nationals (four years and three medals) and numerous regional and local events.

Eberbach (her married name is McCollam) lives with husband Gregg, son Noah and daughter Erica in a classic 1920s house situated in the stately and historic Meridian-Kessler neighborhood of Indianapolis.




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