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The House of Alexie

Fred Yager

ISBN: 1-889262-81-1

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"A fun read."

School Library Journal

"I enjoyed 'Rex' a lot. I liked the characters and how they were drawn, and the pacing of the book is terrific."

R.L. Stine
Best-selling author the "Goosebumps" series

"Fred Yager takes our fascination with dinosaurs to a new level with a story of trust and a young boy's belief in the impossible. Mixed with a bit of mystery, it's sure to charm readers of all ages."

Lelia Taylor
Creatures 'n Crooks Bookshoppe

"Wow, what a page turner! I couldn't wait to see what new heights and adventures Rex and Davy were in for next. A must read..."

Julie Fitch, San Clemente Library

"This novel is simply fun. A good read."

Bob Spear, The Book Barn


"Eleven-year-old Davy Ross's paleontologist parents go missing from a dig on Mount Kilimanjaro, and he finds a mysterious egg among their belongings. When a tiny dinosaur hatches, Davy has to protect him from an unsrupulous professor, return the tyrannosaurus to its jungle home and locate his missing parents." -- Publishers Weekly

About the Author: an award-winning journalist, Fred Yager worked at the Associated Press for 13 years as a reporter, editor, entertainment writer, and film critic. Formerly Director of Broadcast Services for Merrill Lynch, Fred is also the co-author of two adult suspense novels, and several of his screenplays have been otioned.

Target reading level: Grade 6 and up. Hardcover and paperback, 175 pages.

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